Salford’s Bee Hive Inn is saved from closure by an unlikely hero

The Bee Hive Inn which is located off Langley Road South in Salford has been bought and saved by a travelling Norwegian Manchester United supporter.

The Inn was facing closure when the previous Landlady and owner were unable to run it any longer due to the demands involved. It was looking likely that the property would have to be sold to the many interested property developers.

This was until an unlikely hero in Ronnie Halland, a travelling Manchester United fan from Norway, got talking one night to regulars Dave Gadawa and his partner Jaqcui.

After Ronnie and Dave struck up a friendship Ronnie told the pair that he would definitely stay at the Inn upon his return to Salford but to his dismay Jaqcui informed him on the Inn’s situation that it was going to be sold to developers.

Gadawa, who now runs the pub recalled what Ronnie said, “He said, ‘If I buy the pub will you run it for me?’ and we said yes and then he just went, ‘Ok then I’ll buy the pub!'”

However it wasn’t that simple to buy the pub as the site had another offer on it from a property developer based in London who had ideas of changing the property into student accommodation.

It may come as a surprise to many but Ronnie is not the big business man many will perceive, coming from a working class background with a profession in IT.  To obtain a loan to purchase the pub he had to secure the loan against his mortgage on parents home.

Gadawa spoke about the unlikely hero, “Ronnie’s not in it to make a profit, all Ronnie’s doing it for is to give it to the community to stop a multi-millionaire getting his own way as they always do.”

Since the new ownership much redevelopment has been undertaken including a new kitchen and the refurbishment of the bar area’s and the inns rooms.

Frequent guest and regular at the Bee Hive Martin Price said, “It means a lot, it’s got a great atmosphere, great people and great for socialising.”

So far the Inn is running smoothly under the new ownership and it looks like the Bee Hive Inn will be buzzing at the heart of the community for years to come.