Life After Sport – 3 PART MINI-SERIES

For my final University Major Project, I produced, shot and edited three TV news packages focussing on different aspects on Life After Sport.

I travelled round the country to get the right interviews and am really proud of the work I completed.

Featured in this piece is Preston North End academy player Jack Armer and Education Officer at the club, Phil Brown. Rob Jolley from League Football Education and Clinical Sports Psychologist Phil Johnson.

Life After Sport – Part 1 – Academy Football

In this first episode we take a glimpse into the football academy process, and what’s there to prepare young players for life after sport.

Life After Sport – Part 2 – Depression

A insight into how professional athletes can struggle in life after sport, in particular with depression.

Featuring former WBU Middleweight Champion, Anthony (Arnie) Farnell, and Salford Reds’ former player and now welfare officer Paul Highton.

Life After Sport – Part 3 – What Support is there?

In this third and final episode we take a look into what is available for professional athletes for when they retire.

I speak to former Lancashire all rounder, and now Leicestershire 2nd team coach, Tom Smith, the PFA’s Assistant Director of Education Oshor Williams and Exeter City striker and founder of LAPS, Robbie Simpson.


WATCH – Manchester Food & Drink Festival 2017

The Manchester Food & Drink Festival was held from the 28th September – 9th October in 2017.

I went down to Albert Square to see what all the fuss was about, and also tried to identify how Manchester’s missing out on a Michelin star would affect the cities food culture.

The Manchester Northern Quarter store that is taking a different approach to retail

 Tucked away in the depths of Northern Quarter lies Jutah Studios. To the normal onlooker, you could be inclined to think it’s just a menswear store, but you’d be wrong.

Opened in April this year, owners Connie & Emile have taken a different approach to retail with three floors offering different things.

With a menswear boutique on the ground floor, pop up space on the middle floor, and a tattoo space located on the top floor, Jutah Studios is certainly a unique space.

“I don’t think there are many spaces trying to reach this genuine level of collaboration in Manchester in the way we are, whilst also kind of fusing it with artistic integrity.” Connie said.

Both Connie and Emile were based in London but felt that the city was stripping them of all their resources.

Their solution, or idea, to form this creative community came from their travels and specifically from the city of Berlin.


[pullquote]“I like it because its fresh, we are just young people, young artists, different work, different stuff, but artists,” – Bruce Tavrov [/pullquote]

“It’s just really exciting, they kind of merge restaurants with tattoos and alternative in the fact everyone there will shop independent rather than high street brands. So we wanted to come back and do that here,” Connie Said.

This collaborative vision that Connie and Emile have is shown with their decision to let the second floor play host to a ‘pop-up store’, that see’s different independent retailers set up their shop every week.

Young independent retailer Ladi Kazeem, who’s store is based on the online platform Depop, was taking full advantage of the second floor space.

“I was looking for spaces in like London, Leeds and this one was pretty decent, it’s in a really good area,” said Ladi.

He added, “It already has the fixtures so its pretty perfect for what I was looking for, I could come in, just put the rails up, stick the hanger on, it’s quick and easy.”

The ‘pop-up store’ is nothing new in terms of ideas, with Afflecks Palace, in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, having paved with way in this city for many years.

Connie and Emile previously had a space there, and have recognised the potential for a pop-up store in Jutah Studios, and Ladi acknowledged this.

“In town the rates are obviously inflated, the rooms are pretty bare so you’ve got to bring your own rails down, that’s time consuming for you in itself. “

“This is obviously really clean, it’s set up for people like myself who can literally just throw something on the rails ready to go.”

Although this collaboration with Ladi and his pop-up may be temporary, there are permanent collaborators at Jutah with tattoo shop Lightnink Studio.

Lightnink is made up of Bruce (Lightnink) Tavrov and Simona Miteva, who specifically chose this space to enable them to work with other creatives.


Few years ago ⚡️

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Bruce said, “Here, we’re a motivated young nation and there’s a lot of ideas, Emile is the guy trying to get the young society alive and you can feel the wave here.”

He added, “We had a few offers to work for different shops, to rent something else but we was in love with that idea. “

There is no doubt that Jutah Studios is defintley experimenting in the way they do retail and who knows, maybe this is the right direction for retail in Manchester.

Full TV Package:

Manchester captured in new Urban Sketching exhibition

Last Friday the Salford Museum and Art Gallery hosted the opening night of their ‘One Drawing at a Time’ Urban Sketching Exhibition.

The free exhibition showcases over eighty pieces from the Manchester Urban Sketchers Group, capturing parts of Manchester and Salford to commemorate ten years of Urban Sketching.

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Urban Sketching started in Seattle 2007 and has since become a global phenomenon with groups being set up all over the world.

Architect and Manchester Metropolitan University lecturer Simone Ridyard founded the Manchester group five years ago after she stumbled across Urban Sketching online, and trying it out first hand on a teacher-exchange in Singapore.

“The great thing about it was rather than just seeing stuff online, It meant I actually went and sketched with a group and saw how they did it,” said Simone.

Simone added, “Move five years on, the first time we went out I organised it through Manchester School of Art, we had about eight people sketching, now we regularly get thirty-forty people!”

The Manchester Urban Sketchers Group was invited by Salford Museum and Art Gallery to tell their stories of the two cities through their drawings.

Exhibitions officer Amy Goodwin said, “Manchester and Salford’s changing all the time, there’s so much redevelopment at the moment and sketching is just a different way of capturing it.”

“It’s much more personal than a photograph, it’s in somebody’s style so they can bring out the things that are important to them.”

WATCH – Urban Sketcher Len Grant talks through his pieces

The sketchers drawings all varied in their outcome with some opting to add watercolours and others deciding to stick with the original lines from the pens.

However not ot all of the sketchers were fortunate enough to have their pieces showcased and their work had to be selected by a special panel to determine what pieces would make it to the gallery.

Many of the sketchers who’s was on show had no previous background in art or drawing but learnt through joining the Manchester Urban Sketchers Group.

WATCH – Liz Ackerley’s Introduction to Urban Sketching

The exhibition will run until the 10th June and is suitable for all ages.

If you’d like to get involved with the sketchers go to their Facebook page.
For more information on Urban Sketching go to –

Full TV and Radio Packages below:

Salford’s Bee Hive Inn is saved from closure by an unlikely hero

The Bee Hive Inn which is located off Langley Road South in Salford has been bought and saved by a travelling Norwegian Manchester United supporter.

The Inn was facing closure when the previous Landlady and owner were unable to run it any longer due to the demands involved. It was looking likely that the property would have to be sold to the many interested property developers.

This was until an unlikely hero in Ronnie Halland, a travelling Manchester United fan from Norway, got talking one night to regulars Dave Gadawa and his partner Jaqcui.

After Ronnie and Dave struck up a friendship Ronnie told the pair that he would definitely stay at the Inn upon his return to Salford but to his dismay Jaqcui informed him on the Inn’s situation that it was going to be sold to developers.

Gadawa, who now runs the pub recalled what Ronnie said, “He said, ‘If I buy the pub will you run it for me?’ and we said yes and then he just went, ‘Ok then I’ll buy the pub!'”

However it wasn’t that simple to buy the pub as the site had another offer on it from a property developer based in London who had ideas of changing the property into student accommodation.

It may come as a surprise to many but Ronnie is not the big business man many will perceive, coming from a working class background with a profession in IT.  To obtain a loan to purchase the pub he had to secure the loan against his mortgage on parents home.

Gadawa spoke about the unlikely hero, “Ronnie’s not in it to make a profit, all Ronnie’s doing it for is to give it to the community to stop a multi-millionaire getting his own way as they always do.”

Since the new ownership much redevelopment has been undertaken including a new kitchen and the refurbishment of the bar area’s and the inns rooms.

Frequent guest and regular at the Bee Hive Martin Price said, “It means a lot, it’s got a great atmosphere, great people and great for socialising.”

So far the Inn is running smoothly under the new ownership and it looks like the Bee Hive Inn will be buzzing at the heart of the community for years to come.


University of Salford’s Student Union hosts Game of Thrones Premiere

On Monday the University of Salford’s Student Union hosted a premiere for the return of the popular TV show Game of Thrones.

The event was attended by around 50 people with the show being projected onto a large screen live at 9pm in the Atmosphere Cafe.

Dave Dullage, Head of Communications for Salford Student Union said, “The event had a great response and always has done, that’s why we try and show Game of Thrones whenever we can. In fact the last showing was such a success we’ve decided to show it on a weekly basis so our students can enjoy watching the series together every time.”

University of Salford student and avid Game of Thrones fan Scarlett Kane said, “I went because it was a more of a social situation to watch the show in, and it was great because there was a lot of people there and everyone gets really into it so it was a lot of fun.”

Without giving any spoilers away she talked about the show, “They went over what happened in the last ones, and obviously all the characters came back and lots of different twists happened which is great and so confusing and then everyone freaked.”



The episode aired was the first of the new 6th season which and went out on Sky Atlantic at 9pm UK time.

The show is produced by the US channel HBO and first aired in 2011 and quickly secured its place in modern popular culture with its escapism, sudden twists and violent deaths drawing in millions of viewers across the world.


A huge factor in the shows huge success is down to the casting with well known stars previously involved in the show such as Sean Bean (Ned Stark) and Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister).

Many of the cast have now become household names with the show helping their careers with the likes of Peter Dinklage (Tyrian Lannister) and Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) now involved in the X-Men franchise, Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) playing a key role in the last Doctor Who series and Emilia Clark (Daenerys Targaryen) playing Sarah Connor in Terminator Genisys. reported that the premiere for the show overall attracted around 2.16 million viewers, with 1.38 million viewers watching the 2am broadcast and around 816,000 viewers for the 9pm slot.

Another indicator to show how huge the show has become was shortly after the episode aired the trailer was released for episode two and has now gained 2.4 million views since it’s release on Monday.

The second episode will be show at the Salford Student Union live at 9pm.




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